Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thresholds of Frugality

Checking my email today I saw a message from 123 Print that Labor Day Sales had been extended. Order today and save 15%, and there was free shipping on orders over $100. The timing was perfect! The task of reordering business cards for my practice has been hovering on my to-do list, and finally I had a day to tackle pesky small tasks.

And thanks to Threshold Frugality, I was able to save on an item I had to purchase.  Exploring the quantity I discovered that 3,000 business cards, with the discount, totalled $102. And sure enough, the shipping was free.  All it took was recognition of a sale on an item I intended to purchase, less than 2 minutes of scanning the offer, and another minute or two to maximize savings.  Spending just over the threshold saved $16 in shipping fees.

Business cards are not the only way my threshold frugality pops up.  A few weeks ago I had walked over the Macy's, coupons in hand, to purchase boxes of Frango Mints -- I keep them in the office for clients.  Many need a pick-me-up following a meeting.  The coupon of the day offered $15 off a purchase of $40 or more.  Perfect!  Each box of candy was $21, so two would total $42.  Just enough over the threshold to trigger the savings.

When you want to save money, my approach is to spend just enough to realize the value of a coupon.  No need to go over the limit in excess.  I'd rather have that money on hand for other purchases or parked in an investment account.  Have you seen the stock market numbers lately?

Thanks for following my frugal journey, and I love your comments if you have time!

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