Monday, September 15, 2014

Transplants in a Frugal Garden

Slowly I am sprouting a green thumb.  Over the weekend I took a frugal approach to filling in the front yard.  Last year we removed the ugly old pine like shrubs and worked to decrease the "grass" -- which really only takes up time for mowing and gives nothing else of value to our little family. The far end started as a potted veggie garden this Spring, but working full-time over the summer left the garden as an after thought.

With fall temps blowing into the area, I realized I needed to get moving on transplants.  Perennials re lovely, coming back year after year.  But the price can give the frugal buyer sticker shock.  In prior years I have put in plants from other corners of the yard that came with the house, or even free plants set out by neighbors.  My most recent transplants have far more sentimental value -- I brought them from my mom's house.

She parted our world this past February, and with her house on the market I had no time to waste.  Internet reading suggested I move the peonies in the fall, and I brought along some ferns, hostas and a tiger lilly.  Into each new hole my daughter dropped some compost from the backyard.  In went the plant, we covered and then watered.  This little part of the garden will be my mom's -- her plants (fingers crossed they make it), the three rose bushes an aunt and uncle gave us in her memory last Spring at her service, and the loving hands of her grandchildren.

A frugal way to grow our garden, a lovely way to think of my mom when I use the front door, and the most precious items from her estate.  Time permitting, I may bring more plants in the next few weeks.

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