Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall in the Frugal Home

Car tires generate a hissing sound as they drive past on the rain soaked road out front, filling the background of my afternoon working at home.  It's a busy road that we live on.  Yes, that brings traffic and its noise, and a bit of danger.  But it also brought a lower price per square foot purchase price for our own, and it is high priority for plows -- this is Wisconsin after all. Not once in the years we have lived here have we been late because of snow!

As the garden has retreated, so has has the whirl of the clothes dryer.  Items hang from racks and bars, indoors, making the most of the dry and cool air.  Drying without energy use, putting a touch of moisture in the air, stretching the life of our clothes, sheets, etc.

Pumpkins roast in the oven, providing "pumpkin meat" for countless breads, muffins, scuffins and pancakes for months to come.  The oven ads a bit of extra heat.  A happy extra since our furnace has yet to come on during the day, how could it with a thermostat set at 61.  Yes, 61 degrees, we call ourselves frugal for a reason.

Looking ahead there are more pumpkins to roast and a trip to Savers for the wee ones to select Halloween outfits, and I'll have my 30% off coupon in hand.  That is what fall looks like here, in our snug and frugal home.  How about yours?  Leave a comment, share and inspire.

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