Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Frugal Fast Food: Burrito Assembly Line

The cost per burrito may be equal to or slightly more than those at Taco Bell, but they are the preferred fast food in our frugal home.  When finding a stack frozen in the freezer, my frugal husband's eyes light up!  Here is why:

  • Fast food -- pull from freeze, microwave and 2 minutes later the perfect lunch for an efficient and frugal engineer.
  • Perfect place to stash left over veggies -- from spinach to squash to mushrooms, just mix them in.
  • When making dinner, put 2 cups of brown rice in the rice cooker.  Serve a small portion to wee ones with olive oil and parmesan cheese, set aside the rest to cool.  Dump in a jumbo can of beans, add a jar of salsa, drop in those veggies.
  • Far healthier than the sodium filled burritos sold by Taco Bell and the like.
  • Use heavy duty foil, which can then be reused again and again.....assuming the absented minded engineer remembers to toss the foil in his lunch bag.
And there you have it, fast food in a frugal home.  What's your favorite frugal fast food?  I'd love some new ideas.

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