Monday, October 27, 2014

Frugal Halloween Treats

Sunday's order of service at the Prairie UU church we attend offered an interesting statistic in it's Green Note Section:  the average Halloween candy haul per child is 10 pounds!

That is 10 pounds of individually wrapped sugar intensity. Not all that healthy, and certainly not eco-friendly.  How can we keep Halloween fun and treat filled, but go easy on the wrappings?  The article offers suggestions:

  • Pennies or larger coins for UNICEF boxes;
  • Halloween styled pencils;
  • Erasers; and
  • Boxed raisins (in eco-friendly boxes).
I would add bulk candy!  This is what we've done in years past.  The candy is individually wrapped, but not nearly as much waste as you will find in Halloween candy sections of the store.

How about you?  Suggestions on keeping treats in Halloween, but making it a little more frugal?  It's good for our budgets, our health, and the planet.  Please share any ideas!

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