Sunday, October 19, 2014

Off to Savers We Went

Friday after school I handed my children half a bagel each, and we piled into the Honda.  I knew the bagel treat would dampen their after school ravenous appetite and give them just enough stability to tackle Halloween costume shopping.  Off to Savers we went, just as we had the prior year.

On the drive over I explained to them that their desired outfits were not going to be easy, after all, my attempts with Amazon Prime and a general Google search had yielded pitiful results.  A unicorn and snow leopard.....we needed some Gervasi luck if they were going to get their wish.

With coupon in hand (20% from a prior donation to Savers) we walked to the kids section.  If a shopping experience can have fireworks, we had them.  There on the rack hung a size 4-6 unicorn outfit.  New, it was priced at $24.  My daughter was delighted, my son sank into despair -- if we'd had so much luck for her, his search was a lost cause.  But we proved him wrong.  One rack over, buried at the end, hung a darling snow leopard (or some sort of spotted big cat) outfit, complete with hood and face.   Next to his find was a smaller, pure black cat outfit, just the right size for our daughter.   Now she had a unicorn, appropriate for indoor events (school and church) and one for going out on Halloween night.  A few minutes later, our son found something akin to a Star Fleet uniform, and he too had one outfit for indoors and other for the cold Wisconsin night.

We threw in a huge black spider that we now have hanging from our bay window as well as Halloween t-shirts for the kids and a Poncho for my cow girl outfit.  We were done shopping in 20 minutes.  And the total price came to $70.  Far less than any of the not-quite-what-they-wanted outfits I'd found on the internet, with prices coming in between $40 and $60 each.

Savers, an essential ingredient in the frugal life we are carving out for ourselves.  Stay tuned, cute kid photos will follow in the next few weeks.

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  1. Also, if you get a Bucky Book (or know someone who get it)... there are coupons for Savers ... to add to your thrifty purchase. GREAT score BTW!!!