Thursday, October 2, 2014

Saving at Savers

October has arrived, and the forecast for tomorrow night here in Madison, Wisconsin includes a chance of flurries late Friday.  Ugh.  Winter coat time is upon us.  How fortunate for me that I just picked up two "new to me" Lands End winter coats at our local Savers.  An email from the company drew me in, offering 30% off for Red Card holders.  Yep, that is me.  Into the cart went two coats, one for cooler temps the other for more serious plunges in the thermometer.  Both are washed and air drying in the basement.   Total cost was $17.48!

Winter - I am ready for you. And thanks to my willingness to shop 2nd hand, my acquisition was easy on my wallet, gave items a second life, and provides peace of mind that something as essential as a winter coat need not be a huge expense in our budget (i.e. costing more than $100).  How about you - do you shop 2nd hand?  Why or why not?  Any taboo items that you simply refuse to put in your cart?  Do you prefer the deep discounts at stores offering new products, skipping the thrift store genre all together.  Drop me a comment, discussion is always fun!

Be well, and frugal on!

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