Friday, October 17, 2014

Waste Not, Want Not

Waste not, want not.  That is an underlying belief of our frugal home.  Minimizing waste maximizes our budget, allowing us to save and live a comfortable life.  Frugal for me is two part -- yes, finding "deals" at the store is one factor.  But the second is stretching your household budget. 

Two images from today illustrate how we aim to avoid waste when possible.

Drying rack doubles as a laundry detergent holder -- an ideal way to let the contents drain into the cap, eking out every last drop.

Organic waste (banana peels, apple cores, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc.) have a temporary residence under the kitchen sink.

Until I take the short walk, pail in hand, to the compost heap in the backyard.  Compost -- it happens without much prompting.  Looking for a low key approach, check out this article, posted by a fellow frugal friend of mine earlier in the week.  We have a similar approach.  The part on the left has been decomposing for longer, and is ready to be placed in the yard.  To the right, our recent contributions. It works, it is simple. And it is highly efficient!

Waste not, want not.  Look for savings, maximize every dollar you spend.  It's the frugal way!


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