Friday, November 21, 2014

Low-Hanging Fruit

Would you pick up $96 if you found it on the sidewalk?  Don't wait for luck to come your way --  instead take a close look at the little monthly charges and figure out one to eliminate.  That is what I did at the office today, saving myself $96 a year.

Some time ago I had a landline installed when an associate worked for me.  Having abandoned that model of business, I am now back to using college student help and handling all calls on my own.  While I made this switch back in mid-summer, I still had a landline.  Even worse, the phone had been turned off because the only calls that came in on that number were telemarketers.  Finally I turned on the speaker phone, called TDS, and waited while balancing my business checking account. Thirty minutes later the request to terminate the landline, going just with DSL was complete, and my profit grows by a tiny amount for the year ahead.

One action like this really does not make a huge difference, but channeling this mindset day after day, looking for long-hanging fruit of the frugal world will add up over time.  What can you cut, disconnect, terminate?

Thanks for reading, and keep on with the frugal path.  It's good for your health, your wallet and the planet.

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