Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mental Note to Self

Sitting on the bleachers with my kiddos enjoyed their weekly swim lesson, it was the nudge of the deck manager that pulled my nose out of my library book.  Here is a flier about upcoming events here at the pool!  And off she went to touch base with other parents.  Glancing at the flier I made a mental note -- free family swim on November 22 for those who bring canned goods for the food drive.  Perfect.

Our youngest adores the water, just like her mom.  We've been meaning to come here as a family and play in the water, and now we had a free ticket.  And today was that day.  We turned over a bag with lentils, rice cakes, hot coco, and some canned veggies.  Off we went to enjoy an hour of jumping and splashing.  Perfect for this frugal mom.

Mental notes, I make them all the time and as soon as possible jot them down in a way that I will remember the deal that has caught my attention.  The swim flier became my bookmark, and then reminded me to 1) note the event on the kitchen calendar, and 2) tell my youngest, who then asked me daily - is today the day we go to family swim?

We live in a deluge of deals, make mental notes, then real notes to maximize your ability to cash in on said deals.  

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