Wednesday, November 5, 2014

On Target for a Frugal Life

Target.  Yes, a big box store is a key part of my frugal life.  Reason number one, I can walk to one from my house and or office.  That alone gives shopping at Target huge bonus points on my frugal scale.  No gasoline required, I buy only what I can carry (lug), and it is a perfect way to keep an active lifestyle.

Then there is the bag credit.  If I bring my own bag, the cashier deducts $0.05 off of my bill.  Saves the store on bag purchases, saves me money, and is kind to the Earth.  A win-win if I ever saw one.

Next -- the Red Card.  Either a credit or debit (we are a debit family) that deducts 5% off the purchase price -- from socks to milk to a latte in the cafe.  I'll take those savings any day.

Off brands -- oh how I love them.  A few years ago I saved a huge amount buying Target brand diapers, wipes and formula (yes, I am "earthy" -- but the natural route did not work for our family).  Now days it is the allergy meds, cough syrup, etc -- the Target Brand, Up and UP, is great and I don't pay for ad costs.

But the latest frugal find involves fundraising.  With a few clicks on the computer, my son's school now receives 1% of my purchases from Target's Take Charge of Education Program.  There is no cost to me, the shopper.  It works for the Red Card, credit or debit.  All I did was log on, create an account, and then link my card to Stephens Elementary on Rosa Rd.  Anyone in the country can link and support his school, or a school that is near and dear to their heart.

I must say, other fundraisers pale in comparison.  Gone is my guilty pressure to purchase trinkets or candies or holiday decor, from which the school may receive 30%.  Instead, I am focusing my purchases at my local Target.  Things I need anyway, now resulting in a 1% donation to his school.

Here is a big thank you to the family and friends who have signed up since I started making noise about this program!  Care about the future of education in America?  Here is a great way for frugal crowd to make wise purchases and direct corporate dollars to America's future.  Yes -- corporate! Frugal folks can embrace locally grown and international companies, it takes diversity to make the world go around.  And for the record, my kids 529 college savings (i.e. mutual funds) own shares of Target.  Corporate is not necessarily evil.

Thanks for reading, and please share other frugal ways to fund raise that do not involve glossy magazines!

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