Sunday, November 16, 2014

Same Old Story....

Another frugal weekend:

  • library books and DVDs, stacked nearly the same height as my four year old.  Enlightenment as well as entertainment, free thanks to a single library card.
  • Home haircuts or the kids -- a trim of her bangs, and overall chopping of his hair.  They will not look like an ad from Gap kids, but they have awesome college funds because I rarely splurge for a professional cut.  What I don't spend means the more we save.
  • Split pea soup simmering on the stove as I type -- healthy, hardy, kids adore, and oh so frugal in cost -- and veggie style is kind to the earth as well.
  • Removed our own snow from the walk here as well as at the house I inherited (fingers crossed the closing happens tomorrow, making future snow falls someone else's responsibility).  We could have hired out the work, especially since my other frugal half is in Europe for work, but I'd rather pay my kids and show them that work equals money.  That, and it is a great way to get out and enjoy Wisconsin winter weather and burn off some calories.
  • Our three cats compete for the best spot in the house now that winter has arrived; in front of the vent in the smallest room in the house, making it the warmest.  The indoor temp will hover between 61 and 63 degrees.  Winter in a frugal house means it is time for slippers, layers, and a lovely scarf around Mama's neck. Yes, warmer would be nice, but not as nice as low energy bills this time of year.
The same old story.  Frugal is about marathon speed.  To intense can be too hard to sustain.  A little frugal every day, it adds up to a life without debt, a secure emergency fund, hefty college accounts for kids aged 6 and 4.  It's peace of mind that a furnace going out or a new (as in used being new to us) car will not force us to turn to credit.  We are not glamorous, we are not overly fun and exciting. We are frugal -- free to do as we please.  I could not ask for more.   For that I give thanks.

Gobble, Gobble -- wild turkeys at the UW Arboretum -- a perfect spot
for a solo or family hike any time of year.

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