Thursday, December 18, 2014

Forget It, Let's Drive!

Enter the date, the airport, wait for the search results.  Day after day, looking for a reasonable ticket price.  Finally we found this:  Milwaukee to Fort Worth to Miami to Tampa, 13 hours, 57 minutes, at $900 a ticket!

What -- 13 hours!  We could drive there in that time.  Okay, it is more like 19 hours from door to door, but that is our plan.  We'd had a price point in mind when we starting looking at tickets.  Realizing our travel dates were not flexible, we were willing to double our initial price.  But $900, at 4 tickets, before factoring in luggage fees and airport parking!  No way, not for this frugal family.

So in a shocking change of behavior, one where we usually aim for being at the office when we can (we are both self-employed, so there is no paid vacation) we are going for savings on pure cash. The trip will now be twice as long as we initially planned, but that makes us happy.  We are forcing ourselves to take a longer, and much needed break from our professional lives.

When waking the frugal path in life, we find that before looking for an item, any item, you benefit from having a predetermined price point.  Don't just pull it out of the air.  What is a normal price? What can your budget afford?  Those types of things.  Set a number, then go looking.  Do it the other way around and you are no longer in control of your finances.

That's it from our frugal house.  Stay tuned for more on the Epic Road trip yet to come!  And thanks for reading.

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