Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Purge Time

Yesterday's post was about a splurge, today it is about "the purge".  As we head into the Extravaganza of Winter Holidays and a New Year, it was time to clear out the toys and other items we no longer needed.  Both kids helped me fill one bag to donate at Goodwill.  A great exercise in kids thinking about what they have, need, and want.  It also reminds them that others have less, and second hand stores may be key to their family life.  And of course, there is the tax receipt Mama tucks into the tax folder -- something those who itemize may not want to overlook.

Looking ahead, you'll see more about my efforts to purge in 2015.  What can be:

  • sold
  • donated (with tax receipt)
  • reused for another purpose
  • given to a family/friend to pay forward the Curb Karam we've benefited from (so many friends give us items they've outgrown)
  • recycled
  • Admit it -- off to the dump
We have been in our house for just over 4 years, and it is beginning to have closets and other areas bursting with stuff.  There is enough chaos in my world, I do not need it in my closet.  Earlier I blogged that when I die and someone cleans out my home my wish is to have only things I treasure and adore, keep it simple, keep it lovely.  2015 will begin my path towards a less is more feel to our home.  And just might make it easier to do the scrubbing kind of cleaning, which is hard and often delayed when you have to pick-up first.

Thanks for reading, and be well.

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