Friday, December 5, 2014

Joint Custody of a Coat....

The daughter of a factory worker and a struggling car dealer, the Wisconsin winters of my youth were void of the excellent outdoor gear common today.  Always frugal and cautious with my dollar, I tended to avoid expensive winter gear for far too  many years.  With the marriage to my husband, also highly frugally minded, came the proximity to excellent winter wear.  While cautious with his spending, he learned young the benefit of paying for quality.

Last week I wrote about the purchase of Lowe hiking boots, my second pair -- I wore the first ones out. Never did I think I would spend $250 for one pair of boots, but I did, and am thankful.  Cold feet?  Nope?  When you consider I can wear them October - April nearly every day, and then on hikes in the summer months, the cost per wear is quite low.

But then there is The Columbia.  My husband bought the coat back in 2005 during his first winter living back in Wisconsin since the 1980s.  Warm blooded and as tolerant of the cold as a bear, he rarely feels the need to pull out The Columbia.  I however has discovered the luxury of this coat, which I now routinely pull out for my morning walks with our son to kindergarten.  Having lived here for decades, I know that past years I would have been frozen on the walk. But with the Lowes boots and the Columbia jacket (and a balaclava), I wonder -- what's all the complaining about?

Yet, we still have One Columbia coat.  I borrow his, he rarely needs it, and unless we are sledding (which we have not yet done this year) we do not need the coat at the same time.  Joint custody of the coat, that's my plan until the stores start slashing prices to make way for Spring items.  February - that's when I plan to seek one out for myself.  Until then, we'll share -- and that's the frugal life here.

P.S. for those who read yesterday's post......we'll pass on the Fig Bread.  The smell was lovely, but the end product was more of a Blondie with figs, far too sweet for me.  Both kids turned their noses up at the treat, and my husband only really likes chocolate chip cookies.  What to do with it?  I passed it along to my assistant at the office -- college kids are so happy for any form of home cooked food!

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