Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Making the Most of a Splurge

After one, possibly two years, of noticing them on what seemed every other women's feet....I know own a pair of black knee-high boots.  Years ago, okay over a decade ago, I had a pair.  Sleek, with a high-heel, pre-kid footwear.  With the birth of our second child came an increase in shoe size -- a permanent one, as well as a need for "comfort" shoes.  The years start flying by, and between kids, marriage, career, and sometimes housework, fashion was not on my radar.

Times are settling down a bit, and my husband encouraged me to buy a pair of boosts -- Just think, in photos we look back on the kids can say, oh that must have been the teens, see the boots mom is wearing.  So I began to look, here and there.  Cheap and second hand were not going to work because of my new foot sensitivities.  New and expense gave me sticker shock.  And then I walked into Macy's.

My purpose of being there was to find a snow globe for our son under the tree.  They were sold out, but look there, the shoe department was amazing a 50% off sale on boots.  I wandered over.  A clerk approached and I clearly told her what I wanted: black, knee-high, no heel, and designed for comfort not style.  Astute, she directed me towards a pair of Born (read with a slash through the o).  Not at 50% off, they were marked down.  She pointed out a few other pairs, less expensive, but I noted her comment that the Borns were made for comfort -- then I asked for a 7.5.

She returned with the boots, and a few others.  I tried on the Borns and knew what she meant.  I'd tried others on, but these were so comfortable.  I said I'd take them and then asked "I don't have any coupons to go with my Macy's card, do you have any?  If not I'll use my 1% cash back great card".  She did, and extra 20% off, which was a $13 savings as opposed to earning $1.30 on my card.

At home I realized the box was quite large, and actually the perfect size for our 4 year olds' napping baby lovies (she is going through a Mama/Baby phase).  Instead of donating it to the school for art supplies or recycling it, it began a source of enjoyment for our little one.

I do not make purchases like this regularly.  Having avoided  proper footwear in a long time, I have acquired two pricing pairs of boots in the past month.  But, they'll last a long time, are comfortable and facilitate getting out in walking in winter weather.  You'll note that at the point of purchase I looked for ways to save, and made the most out of the packaging.  Key ingredients in our frugal life.

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