Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice: Return of the Light

It's December 21st, a special day in our home.  Nine years ago, as the sun set on the shortest day of the year, my husband proposed, asking me to marry him on the summer solstice.  Early in the afternoon I had set a pot of veggie chili to simmer on the stove.  I said yes, and every December 21st since have made some version of veggie chili. Whether you embrace the Solstice or not, it is the perfect frugal meal for these damp, cold winter days -- beans, corn, spinach and of course tomatoes -- smells of the summer we are working our way towards.

Normally we take this day for a winter walk, where we scatter seeds for the birds. Plans took a detour this year as we have two sick wee ones; fevers and viral bronchitis call for adjustments in a days plan. But there was chili, and there were candles.  After the match was snuffed, into the compost bin it went.  A few weeks ago I google "can I compost matches".  Instantly I found a yes answer, along with 75 other things  you might not know you can compost.  So, if you celebrate the Winter Solstice and our march toward longer, sunnier days, make sure to drop those matches in the compost.

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