Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Epic Fail.....But Keeping At It!

Ask me to describe the last three days and I'd likely say "epic fail". With a new year, one following an especially trying year before, I had hoped to start off with my feet firmly planted, ready to get things done.  Life had other plans.  A daughter who spiked a fever on our return trip from Florida, which as landed her home sick from pre-school for the past three days.  Nothing throws a wrench into one's work day than a sick little one.  Being self-employed there is no sick day for me -- I either cancel meetings/work or hire a nanny.  A costly decision either way.  The first and second day I went with the nanny service -- a fee we pay on top of her monthly preschool tuition.  A bit overpriced, but I could overlook it if I didn't feel the guilt about leaving a sick one home.  So today when she was not able to attend school again I canceled meetings and took her with me to the office while I briefed my new office assistant.  Toss in an older child with a chronic cough that could no longer be ignored, and you have the recipe for a frazzled mom.  And frazzled does not firmly support frugal.  Dashing here, dashing there, swiping a credit card here, pushing work off to later in the month.  It has been quite a week and it is only Wednesday!  The forecast does not look all that calming either -- bitter cold wind chills may close the schools Thursday, but I likely won't know until 6:30am the day off, one hour before our son arrives at school.  A husband who may be summoned to China in a few weeks, but a client that is uncertain of if and or when or for how long.  And a son who has been referred to an allergy/asthma specialist -- a cost we pay for out-of-pocket since we have a high deductible plan. Striving for balance, having the time to be frugal, it is going to be an up hill battle for the next few weeks.  But that is my point -- sometimes frugal is easy and doable, and sometimes you just have to let up and go with the flow.  It's a marathon, not a sprint.  I did have one major frugal score -- a pack of 18 holiday cards for $0.50!!!!  I would have bought more had there been more on the shelf. Holiday cards are the only seasonal item I buy at this time of year -- huge discounts, and relative ease in storage.

So that is all from our frugal home.  Stay well, stay warm if the polar vortex has descended to your neck of the woods, and thanks for reading.  Tomorrow is another day -- and I'll keep it frugal to the best of my abilities!

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