Monday, January 12, 2015

Exhale.....Finding Calm in a Frugal Home

For many last week was a time to exhale and relax from the energized frenazy of end-of-year holidays.  Not so for our house.  We had hardly returned from a 9 day road trip to Tampa, Florida when illness settled in, followed by dangerously cold winds.  Schedules were shuffled, emergency sitters called in, doctors offices visited, client meetings reworked, and a very large stack of mail -- home and work, tangible and intangible, sorted.

But today! Today I exhaled.  Healthy kids were delivered to school.  Errands were completed, the gym was visited for a swim, and lunch was eaten at home, not on the run.  And just as many people are starting to cave on their new years resolution, I am making mine - to use less take-out in the year ahead.  Skip the coffee to go, pass on the drive-thru, and settle into my kitchen at home.  Regular readers know that 2014 was a very difficult year for us with the death of my mother.  Standards were relaxed and fewer of our meals came from home, not a lot, but more than my comfort level.  So today I enjoyed this lovely lunch, while reading a book someone passed to me at book club.  Ahhhhhh, the calm.

Enjoy your week, and I'm curious, do any of you have frugal new years resolutions?  If so, please share with a comment!

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