Thursday, January 8, 2015

Frugal Lego Table

What a difference 24 hours can make!  Today I declared a snow/sick day and kept the kids home, allowing us all to get some extra rest and fight off the bugs ailing the kids.  While my husband dived into his world of electronics engineering, the kids and I enjoyed a day at home.  In the morning we focused on "academics" -- literacy, writing, math games, and writing out thank you notes for holiday gifts.  After a late lunch we bundled up and headed out into the snow where we dropped compost into the frozen pile and put out food for the birds. The middle of the day yielded a tremendous frugal score -- creating a Lego table for our son with items in the basement.

Following a standard engineers frugal desk method (a door over two filing cabinets), I placed a wood plank that had come with our home over two plastic storage shelves that were not needed but sitting in my home office.  In less than 30 minutes my son had an ideal station to build, play and store his Legos.  Bonus feature -- this is an adjustable set-up, allowing us to raise the height as he grows!

Here is an image from the work in progress, cat approved!

And an image from later in the evening after he had moved his Arctic Base Camp from our dinning room table to his room.  Note to self -- purchase used cookie sheets to facilitate future builds and moves -- sets are not always 100% stable.

Looking for a frugal way to add a desk, bench or other work space to your home or office?  I highly recommend this common and frugal method used by engineers (including my husband -- a door or plank over a filing cabinet or other storage method).

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