Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Last week it was sick kids, this week a sick computer.  My plan for Wednesday was to work the morning at the office and finish with a client meeting, then pop by our house for lunch and pick up my gym bag -- I'd work in a swim before gathering the kids from 4k and K.  But life, life had another plan.  Some sort of virus infected my computer, and when your work is in the legal field an infected computer shuts the entire practice down. 

My options:
1) Pay $200 for it to be cleaned and install new anti-virus software; or
2) Buy a new computer.

Many may think the frugal option is #1, but I disagree.  The infected computer was approaching two years of age, a senior citizen in the tech business.  The wireless card had recently failed, and a patch system allowed me to surf the web without cables.  What would go next?  Several letter keys were literally worn away from the amount of typing (both blogging and drafting legal papers). 

In the end I paid $450 for a new computer, same brand and model in fact, just faster and nicer.  Once I am certain everything is off of the old computer I will wipe it to factory default (okay, I won't do that, my electronic engineer husband will) and then sell it on Ebay for $100 or a bit more.

Time saved, new life given to an old machine, and an efficient and up-to-date model for my office.  That was the frugal path I took.  Other little tricks -- mail in-rebates offered by Toshiba; used my 1% back office credit card, and letting the manager of Office Depot know I was anything but thrilled that the unit was not ready (they did a data transfer from the old to new computer, ensuring to virus made the move) I was given a $20 gift card for the store.

You may have a plan for your day, but life will happen.  Never go with the first thought, stop and analyze first keeping in mind salvage/resale value, waste of your precious time, and store incentives to cut every cost you can.  Thanks for reading, and I'm happy to be back on-line....nearly 24 hours without my little lap top!

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