Friday, January 23, 2015

Purging 2,015 Item in 2015 - An Update

Friday has arrived, and our house is missing a few more items.  To date we have donated, sold or toss out a total of 115 items since the New Year began.  It was a week of easy pickings, mainly due to yet another virus making its way through the house.  Elementary school kids bring home copious amounts of artwork, and germs.  A future agenda will include opening cabinet by cabinet, drawer by drawer, just not this week.

Notable items include:

  • Lego set my son sold on Amazon Prime, for 2x what a store would have given us credit for;
  • an extra pencil sharpener....really one is enough; and
  • a stack of blank greeting cards that I put at my office to use for Thank You notes.
115 items gone, 1900 to go!  

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