Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Purge of 2015

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Friday whizzed by so quickly I failed to have the time for a post on our efforts to purge 2,015 items from our home in 2015.  To date we have sold, donated or tossed 134 items.  Not that great considering it is the last day of January.  An epic head cold, the demands of parents, and the little thing known as work delayed my efforts.  But there is a plan, at least for one area of the house.

Having cleared away a nice part of the kitchen, a vision of in-fill emerged.  Tucked into one corner I plan to empty and organize the drawers, then fill in with the items from our household desk.  The counter, not the desk, will hold my computer (sleek laptop) and serve as a "standing desk" without buying a standing desk.  Once complete the desk now in our bedroom will be listed on Craigslist. There is the plan, all I need is the health and time to execute.

A highlight from the most recent purges -- selling a 4x6 foot area rug bought in 2008 with the birth of our older child.  After a quick wash in the machine it was photographed and posted on Craigslist. Within a few days it had a new home, we had one fewer item in the house, and$15 in our wallet. Why the rug? It was very neutral in color, but it was less a style issue than a practical issue.  With a recent asthma diagnosis we are working to eliminate unnecessary items that may collect dust, etc., contributing to allergy and asthma issues.

So that is us, how are you doing on your new years resolutions my frugal friends?

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