Thursday, January 15, 2015

When Breakfast is Dinner: Adventures in Frugal Cooking

Thursday, that day in the week when our 6 and 4 year old are starting to show the fatigue of school. While they are at school I work on legal documents, then morph into Mama mode at 3pm for pick-up, dinner prep, bath and stories.  Solo parenting this week as my other half is consumed by an urgent work matter, we were showing the scrapes of a challenging week.  Dinner needed to be easy, so pancakes, fruit and sausage links it was.  The kids are always happy to see dinner foods on the table. Meltdown avoided, food consumed, none wasted, and another week nearly over.  As we head into a long weekend I am going to turn to an old trick, but one I have never really played out completely -- the idea of eating what we have on hand.  Turn that 3/4 bag of dried black beans into a soup, etc. Buy only fruits, veggies, milk products and the ingredients needed to turn the lone can of something into a meal.  Picky eaters, made all the more selective when tired from school, makes this a challenge.  My plan, give them breakfast if the creative cuisine does not appeal.  And a big thank you to a friend and neighbor for sharing this story on Facebook, giving me more frugal motivation and the weeks slows down.

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