Sunday, January 18, 2015

Zone Defense: Purging 2,015 items in 2015

It's a Sunday in mid-January, and our beloved Packers played a nail bitter of a game.  As many here in Wisconsin mourn the end of the football season, I am borrowing a term from the game to use here on the Frugal Upside.  Zone Defense -- a method of defense in which a member of the defense guards a specific area in the playing field.

Yes, that is perfect guidance as we attempt to purge 2,015 items from our home in the year 2015. Thank you to all who left on a comment on Facebook, here on the blog or spoke with me in person -- each one encouraging and supportive!  From one of those comments came the realization that to achieve this goal we cannot breeze through our day, plucking an item here and there and putting it into the donation pile.  No, we need to guard or target specific areas and then purge from that area. And I mean specific, taking each drawer, cabinet, closet at a time.  The defensive angle seems appropriate.  In today's world it is easy to buy a home that is empty, and slowly, day by day the clutter builds leaving the residents feeling buried alive.  On guard!

For an update on our efforts, I did shop today.  All items but one were consumable and thus exempt from the rule of buy one, purge one, with nothing towards our goal being added.  The purge is to decrease our overall items by 2,015.  The one item bought (read more about that purchase tomorrow) is being off-set by a Memorial Book placed in the donation pile that will not be logged on our 2015 Purge Spreadsheet.  To date we have donated or recycled 50 items towards are goal, from kids clothes that no longer fit to a long ignored plastic Netty Pot.  Tune in more next Friday for a progress update.  And tomorrow I'll take you through the frugal mindset of today's purchase.....a teaser - "Fitbit".

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