Friday, February 6, 2015

Clearing A Path to Less: The Purge of 2015

Those following along know our frugal home is working to purge 2,015 items from our house in the year 2015.  This week we brought the total to 188, a gain of 54.  Disclosure -- exempt are the inflow of gifts from relatives, school, and party favors.  These are beyond my control.  Now if I buy a new pair of shoes, another must go, with the departure NOT counting towards the 2,015.  But when someone else just sends us stuff, that shouldn't count.  And to even it out a bit, any things discarded from those gifts does not count towards the 2,015 goal either.

Most of the gain this week resulted from a massive clothing donation to Goodwill.  We did sell one book via Amazon, allow us to clear out an item and add $2+ to our checking account.  Not a huge event, but moving in the right direction.

The week ahead, if things go as planned (did you just laugh out loud) allows me large gaps of time to tackle some of the low hanging fruit of items to purge.  Check in next Friday for another progress update.

Thanks for reading, and my your own road to a de-cluttering 2015 go well.

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