Sunday, February 1, 2015

Frugal Even in the Snow....

My purchase price was $10, not $1,000.

I require no gasoline or oil to operate.

Rarely do I break.

There is no maintenance or repair of my body.

My  use facilitates neighborly chats and conversations.

When not in use, I hang quietly on a hook high up in the garage rather than lurk on the precious floor space below.

Should my owners' gym be closed "due to the weather", no worries.  I guarantee both a cardiovascular work out as well as strength training.

My use draws little ones away from the flicker of a video screen, out into the fresh air -- 20 mile an hour winds or more.

Families come together outdoors and memories are made.

I am the frugal snow removal device.  I am the snow shovel. Hear my scrape!!!!

****Note: while removing the snow together as a family, my husband and I loosely chatted about the cost of a snow blower.  What do they cost new -- $1,000?  How much would that earn over 25 years if invested in the market instead?  Let's keep on with the shovels and keep socking away funds.  When we are too old and infirm to shovel, our nest egg will generate more than enough to hire young ones in the area to shovel or hire a company.  We finished round one, then headed inside for lunch. We'll all go out again at 4pm for another round, and likely late tonight or very early tomorrow.  The snow started Saturday night at 7pm, and as of Sunday at 3:15 the snow continued to fall.  How much will we get?

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