Thursday, February 19, 2015

Frugal Food Ways!

Food -- the amount we spend is equal to our mortgage. Paying attention to frugal food ways needs to be larger area of focus in our lives given that dollar amount!  Loyal readers will remember a recent post about my attempts to save freezer peaches, and I gave frozen peach yogurt a whirl.  The results? Both kids turned their noses up at the final product, and I was not overly thrilled either.  It was better before it was frozen.

Earlier this week I pulled out a piece of paper, not for listing items to get at the store, but rather to construct a meal schedule based on what we have on hand.  To my surprise, it went for two weeks!  Until I peeked into the chest freezer in the garage I had forgot about the ground turkey -- turkey burgers are one of the many items listed.  Others range from Walley (again, the freezer) to eggs with veggies to soup.  The effort to purge 2,015 items from the house also motivates me to use up what we have here, make a meal from it, and buy only the essentials.  My grocery bill is about 2/3s its normal expense.

How to you maximize use of food in your kitchen?  What are your frugal food ways?  Leave a comment, share and inspire.  And thanks for reading.

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