Saturday, February 21, 2015

Guess What I'm Thinking?

Who introduced or exactly when escapes me at the moment, but this question starts each round of this fun verbal game ideal for anyone exploring simplicity parenting.  No batteries, no wrapping, well suited for long car rides, waiting for a meal to be put on the table (home or out) or in the doctor's office.  It easily matures with your children, evolving along with their vocabulary.

Guess what I'm thinking?

Person, place or thing?


Real or fake?


Is it tangible?


Is it portable?

And it goes on from there.  We do not limit ourselves to just 20 questions, but let it go on until it is either guessed or the guessing parties give up.  Everything from President Obama to volcanoes to subdermal medicine patches (what our 6 year old was thinking off one night) -- we laugh, flex our brains, and bond.  No cost, just an investment of time and love.  Give it a try with your little ones, ify you have them in your life.  If not, try it with any loved ones.  Unplug and connect!

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