Monday, February 16, 2015

Run The Numbers...

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At Target last week I had a stack of soon to expire coupons, the ones the check out machine spits out based on your shopping habits.  Of the many things Target knows about me due to my use of their Red Card is that I am an allergy sufferer.  And that I prefer the Target brand of Claritin.  And there it was, $1.50 off a box of their brand.

Stopping in the allergy aisle I scanned the boxes.  One would think buying 90 pills at a time would be more cost effective than buying 30, but it wasn't.  Oddly, the smaller package was a few cents less per pill than the 90 count box.  Puzzled, I used my Smart Phone to confirm.  Yes, the 30 count box was a better deal.  Into the cart it went, and I handed over the $1.50 off coupon at check out.

In the frugal life one must question the price per unit or use.  The focus is not on the cheapest, but rather the quality or overall buy.  In this case the cheapest box, the 30 count, was the frugal buy. Never turn your brain off when shopping, at least don't if you want to be frugal.  Assumptions that the larger box is a better buy can trip you up on the frugal path.  Now I know these are mere pennies we are talking about, but applied daily, over years, this practice can allow one can rack up significant efficient buys, and amass a nice little rainy day fund.

Thanks for reading, and have a great frugal week!

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