Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saying Good-bye to the Gym Membership

After 15 years or more, I am not renewing my membership with Supreme Health and Fitness.  One day I will likely return, but for now the $740 annual membership (a discounted price for paying by check in one payment) is just not worth it.  Between work commitments, the winter merry-go-round of viruses, and an upcoming summer of very little child care/camp (read more about that later) -- I had to admit that I was not likely going to get to the gym much.  So, instead of paying to renew we are going to focus on more active lifestyles.  This is a work in progress, so comments are welcome. Immediate plans include:

  • lap swim at Madison Swim Academy, cost is $5/time because we are members (kids take lessons there now);
  • returning my husband to his bike commute -- much more feasible once our youngest stops 4k preschool in June bringing an end to his morning drop off.  Going forward school will be a walk up the road;
  • purchasing a solid backpack to tote my computer, etc. to the mile or so walk to my office. Again, a task made easier once the daily commute to preschool ends in June -- I do the pick-up via car;
  • seek out low-cost yoga classes;
  • use yoga DVDs at home; and
  • work up a sweat with my kids -- as we did Saturday, out playing in the snow.

Building a snowman was lots of fun.  Playing snow football, where my son chases me in deep snow was much more of a work out.  Great for my cardiovascular system, performed in the beauty of the outdoors, free, and a hell of a lot more fun than a treadmill in a gym.  I must give Supreme Health and Fitness a huge thanks for graciously ending the contract (we had planned to be members through 2016), and their willingness to explore some sort of punch card system for me to use the pool next fall.  Need a gym and live in Madison?  Check out Supreme, ask for Howie, Joe or Tim.  For now, I'm looking for frugal fitness tips when time is limited, snow is on the ground, and I aim to maximize my non-work time with my 6 and 4 year old children.  

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