Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Bunnies: Adventures in Winter Simplicity Parenting

Mother nature brought Madison more snow this afternoon -- the forecast predicted another 2 to 3 inches.  Taking advantage of being my own boss and the fact I had no client meetings for the afternoon, I left work early to start the weekday ritual of school pickup.  My goal -- get the kids and get home before the roads became an utter mess.  First to the preschool on the edge of my alma mater, UW Madison.  Then to the elementary school up the road from our house.  It was slow going, but made without incident.  Once home it was time to burn off some of the kid energy -- early pick up meant they both missed afternoon outside time.

Off to the back yard we went.

The picnic table became an Olympic diving board, or at least in their minds it was.  No diving, just jumping! Nice jump Smidge!

The classic snow angel!

Dumping the compost, leaving behind a feast for any critter that finds it!

Hide and seek among the winter landscape.

And that my dear reader is how a frugal Mama entertains her kids after school on a snowy afternoon in the Midwest. It is possible to survive -- no, no, actually enjoy life with no, cable TV, no video games -- just fresh air and the glory of our own backyard.  Simplicity parenting win for the day.

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