Friday, February 13, 2015

The Purge of 2015: Low-Hanging Fruit

It's Friday, time to check-in on our frugal families effort to purge 2,015 items from our house in 2015. Simply put, we are still in the low-hanging fruit stage of this project.  Stuff is everywhere around us, and the question is really "where to start" rather than "what needs to go?"  Yet, we have entered a new phase of this project -- the Ebay phase!

Ah Ebay, the web site played a prominent part in my husband and I's dating history.  He was a whiz at selling items, I had a mountain of school loans I was chipping away at, and my mother finally agreed that I could sell all the Barbie stuff she had stored in a closet.  Each Sunday we would take photos, use the free wi-fi at Panera, and write catching little descriptions.  Those precious items from the 1970s and 1980s found new homes, some as far away as Canada, and I made more progress on becoming debt free.  And true love bloomed into a marriage of two very frugal people.

And here we are again, using Ebay to unload items that we do not want or need, yet others might value.  From various electronic do-dads my husband acquired to items I inherited from my parents that have absolutely no emotional connection -- it is all going!  Curious about what we are selling, my Ebay ID is uwalumna9501 -- take a look.  The first round of auctions ends this Sunday, and more are going up whenever I have a few minutes to list items.

So, where are we in the effort to purge those 2,015 items?  As of today 242 items have left our home via sale, donation, recycle, or tossed into the garbage.  Actually, this week nothing was actually tossed.  Nothing is too small.  Pictured above is a bag of plastic fruit I posted on Craigslist.  We still have enough at home for our littlest one to play with, but now this bag has gone to another home and I added $3 to our sale total.  If you are tracking our weekly progress, we purged 54 items in one-week.

Thanks for all the encouraging words.  we still have a ton of items to purge, but we are taking it bit by bit -- the manageable and sustainable approach.

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