Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Time to Admit, It Does Not Fit

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We all have them.  Well worn clothing we just cannot let go of. Our kids may still sport their favorite pants from last year, even though at least one growth spurt has occurred since  the clothing received the label of "favorite".  It is time to admit, it does not fit.

Maybe it is faded from years of wear.

Maybe it fit a child 2 summers ago, but today a stomach protrudes.

Maybe it has held up over the years, unchanging in shape, but you likely have changed shape.

Each new day brings a new batch of laundry.  There is the pile that goes into the washer.  The pile that leaves the washer for the drying rack or dryer.  And there is the pile waiting to return to the close of its owner.  During this last phase I have begun to pause and ask -- does it still fit?  This mainly holds true for the kids' clothing.  Favorites are worn again and again, but in a year to purge 2,015 items from our home, and closets bursting with free or near free clothing, we need to be selective. Here and there the stock pile of clothing dwindles.  Setting it aside for donation to either a family with younger children we know, or off to a nonprofit for resale.

Last week I said good-bye to over a dozen pieces of clothing, most of which as been with me for awhile.  And by that I mean pre-marriage.  Yes, it may have been a favorite of mine or the very sweater I wore the night I met my to-be husband.   But, times change, people change, styles change, and well, bodies change.  Out they go!  Next up, my husband's side of the closet.  His t-shirt pile alone contains relics of Turkey Trot Races from his college days in Florida.

In your efforts to purge items from your life, pause during the mindless laundry sessions and ask yourself - is this still a good fit?  Some may wonder why care?  The answer - simplicity.  The more we have, the more we are responsible for.  Items need a home, and space is not free.  What is the price per square foot of your living space?  Imagine if you cut your space in half?  Then there is the little issue of maintenance.  Items must be cleaned.  Your space must be cleaned.  The more there is, the more complication there is. And that is why we are on quest to rid our home of 2,015 items this year.  Three more textiles joined the donation pile this afternoon after I was done folding laundry.  Item by item we are working towards that goal, easing the burden of "stuff" in our lives.  In the end we'll be surrounded by that we truly love and use, the rest will have relocated.

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