Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Want A Deal? Try Asking

Loyal readers and those who know me in the real world know that this past winter as been a merry-go-round of viruses here in our frugal home.  Inevitable with a 6 and 4 year old in the family, and my work  - which brings me into constant contact with the public. Germs and preschool artwork, our home overflows with both!

Not fully realizing the extent of a Wisconsin Winter with School Aged kiddos, I kept the little ones signed up for their weekly swim lessons. Monday is early release day for the elementary school, which is the perfect time for our little ones to flex their muscles at Madison Swim Academy.  But then the illnesses started.  If one were sick, both missed because I was the only parent home.  Madison Swim Academy graciously schedules make-up lessons -- I routinely opted for the following Sunday.  And Mother Nature routinely delivered bad weather or yet another round of viruses!

We've missed nearly a full month of lessons, which comes to a value of $175.  Figuring it couldn't hurt, I inquired with the manager about some free passes for family swim.  And sure enough, she handed over 4, a value of $60.  Tucked into my wallet, we'll use them on a weekend when we are healthy, are spending time together, and seeking refuge from Wisconsin's winter.  

Lesson learned?  Don't just accept a loss, ask for some form of compensation.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  I was!

Tune in Friday for an update on our 2015 purge of 2,015 items from our house.  The Ebay auctions have started, and friends have already voiced their delight in taking items off of our hands.  Its a win win!  More Friday.....

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