Monday, March 2, 2015

Afternoon Tea & Cabin Fever Games

The tag line for Frugal Upside states that a frugal life is good for the wallet, the earth, and your health.  Recently, the majority of my posts, and frugal efforts, have focused on the first two points -- frugal living is good for my wallet and my planet.  But what about my health?

March brings with it the season of change.  Days of warm sun and the emergence of a thaw. Tomorrow's forecast calls for snow, but also sleet and rain.  Times are changing, Spring is making its slow approach, and here on Frugal Upside I intend to shift a bit to focus on health.  Why now?  Yes, there is the seasonal changes.  But honestly, I spent an hour with my doctor for an annual check-up today and left with specific plans to improve my health.   And many frugal lifestyle choices will help me with those goals.  Watch for a shift in focus, if just a bit.

For example, after the doctor's visit I stopped in at my office for a bit.  Upon leaving to collect the children for their weekly swim lessons I opted to skip the coffee splurge and wait for tea at home. My afternoon coffee is not just coffee, but a cafe au lait.  Rich, creamy, tasty, and the perfect example of a few extra calories from the warm milk that I can cut out of my diet.  Going forward I plan to make tea, green or herbal, my drink of choice in the early afternoon or evening. Curbing my coffee habit, just a tad, will be one of the many small changes to improve my health.  And those foregone purchases will leave more money in my checkbook and fewer cups in the landfill!

And on a totally random aside, if you are suffering from Cabin Fever and live with little kids, consider trying out our new game.  The brainchild of our 6.5 year old son, it is inspired by the classic snowball fight.  But when the temps are oh so cold or it is pitch black out on a school night, try Clean Underwear Splat.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Guaranteed laughter will ensue as you dodge, jump, and duck out of the way of flying underwear.  Socks work as well.  Just make sure the child fetches the basket of clean items before play begins.  At first my Type A, hyper-educated adult version of myself rejected this game.  Then one night I said, why not, and started tossing garments along with the kids.  Calories burned, smiles sprung to faces, large muscles moved, and invaluable memories made.

Thanks for reading, and as always -- I love to read your comments and thoughts on the frugal path of life.

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