Friday, March 13, 2015

And the Purge of 2015 Continues

Drum roll of today, we have purged 516 items from our home!  This past week most of the purge was focused on recycling personal papers from my mom's items and things from my childhood.  We did list another two computers on Ebay for sale -- seriously, how many did we have lying around the house!

Work has kept me busy, and not as focused on the purge.  But warmer temps mean I can get to the back shed.  There I hope to relocate a lot of items.  One loyal reader, and friend, is interested in using them for their home.  Time to coordinate schedules for a pick-up.

Short and sweet for today.  I'm headed back home, via foot power.  Then we are off to enjoy a Lego Brick Art show at the public museum in Oshkosh -- great way to maximize family time on a day the schools are closed.

Enjoy your Friday, and thanks for all the encouragement on our efforts to purge!!!!

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