Friday, March 27, 2015

Clearing a Frugal Path

A tiny library book sits on my bedside table at the moment, filling me with inspiration as I take in all it has to offer.  The topic - simplification of the home.  One gem I found so far is the question - if you had 20 minutes before your house was destroyed, what would you take with you?  Answer that, and the rest is clutter you can do away with.  That is a bit extreme for me, at least in my current phase of life.

Books on the shelves are old friends I like to revisit.  Sure, I can always buy them again or borrow from the library, but something feels right when they stand guard on the book shelves.  Then there is the fact I am in the stage of motherhood, with young ones who love each set of holiday decorations I pull out.  We've just tucked St. Patricks Day items away and brought out the eggs and bunnies. Would these be loaded in the car if I had 20 minutes to save items from the house?  No, but I would move them if we decided to sell and move on.  And that is the standard we are using with the Great Purge of 2015.  Yes, as we work to rid our house of 2,015 items in calendar year 2015 I find myself asking, would I pay to move this?  If not, then on it goes.  Be it donation, recycle, gift to a school or friend, trash, or free on the curb.  Out it goes.  And that resolve is strengthened with each page of that tiny book --  more on that later though.

Why?  It's Friday, accountability day.  To date we have purged 632 items from our home!  This weeks items consisted of more personal papers placed in the recycle bins.  Massive amounts of papers that were moved from my childhood home.  But then there were random bits and pieces, perfect for a garage sale.  And that is where they are headed -- a former co-worker of mine works for a non-profit who is holding a garage sale.  The drop off location is closer than my normal Goodwill, so off I went with items in hand.  Happy to see them get a second life while raising funds for a local non-profit, and happy to clear our frugal path just a bit more.

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