Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ding Dong Goes the Bell

Ordered Sunday afternoon, delivered Tuesday at Noon, oh Amazon Prime how I adore thee as a partner on my frugal path in life.  Tucked inside are two air purifiers we purchased to address the allergy needs of myself and our oldest child.  All we did was plug the model number recommended by the allergist into Amazon, confirmed it was the lowest price from other sites (took less than 1 minute), and hit click. No need to run around to stores.  The entire purchase took 10 minutes or less, and we didn't have to figure out how to fit this box into our Honda.  Kiki the cat provides some context for you.  Want to be frugal, consider Amazon Prime.  From free 2-day delivery (Sundays included) to streaming video and music, we love this resource. Plus, we used our Google Chase card, and received 3% back from the purchase price!

Now I am off to shovel mother nature's latest gift of snow -- no snow blower here.  Just a shovel and some calories expended.

Be well, stay safe if where you are winter delivered a dose of snow, and tune in tomorrow for more on the upside of a frugal life.

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