Thursday, March 26, 2015

Downward Dog Meets Interloper Cat: Adventures in Frugal Fitness

Downward dog yoga pose meets interloper cat!  Staying frugally fit has its challenges.  At the end of February we let our couple membership and the gym expire, and are turning to other ways to stay fit and be active.  Yoga at home has been on my go-to list this month, and earlier today I gave it a whirl. Wrongly, I assumed a house free of husband and children, who were off to work and school, and no urgent need for me to rush into the office would mean quality yoga mat time for me!  Wrong.  As I slid into Downward Dog I found myself saying hello to interloper house cat.  Kiki specifically, the youngest of our three.  My other two cats, just shy of ages 17 and 15, were off doing what cats do best, napping.   But not Kiki.  She was all over that mat, and even gave me a few nips for not petting her adequately enough.  All in all, I got some mat time in, plus a little cat affection.  So goes the adventures in frugal fitness.

Thoughts and comments on how to lead a frugal and fit life (with kids) are always welcome.  Please share an idea if you have one.  When looking for a structured yoga routine, I turn to: 1) one of the two DVDs we own; 2) DVDs borrowed from our local library; or 3) YouTube.  What's your favorite frugally fit strategy?

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