Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Enough is Enough, Not One Stitch More....

Poor neglected blog!  So many days, yet no posts.  Illness has not been the culprit of delayed posts, but rather running low on my most precious commodity - time!  Busy at my office.  Busy with husband, kids, and friends.  And busy purging more items from the home.  While the past few days have been a whirlwind for us, one moment stands out that I want to share for those seeking a dose of frugal inspiration.

It was Saturday evening, the kids and I were attending a service at First Unitarian Society where they read a Story for All Ages towards the beginning of the service that illustrates some main point from the adult portion of the service.  As my kids settled into cushions on the floor at the Minister's feet, I scooted up front to keep an eye on the kids.  And I was rewarded with up close images from a delightful children's book, The Cloud Spinner by Michael Catchpool.  I won't spoil the story for you, but the premise is to take enough, but just enough.  When we take more than we need, negative results unfold.  Of course it was the children in the story who held the wisdom adults lacked, and ever since my new mental mantra has become "enough is enough, and not one ....... more".  Fill in the blank.  Not one bite more.  Note one item more.  Not one more chore more.  Running through my head, the mantra is doing a wonderful job towards helping me achieve the balance we all seek in life.  Enough work, enough rest, enough play, enough chores, enough food.  Enough.

Whether you have little ones in your life or not, I encourage you to spend 20 minutes with this book.  It may launch you onto a frugal path or give you the boost and support you need to continue practicing frugal ways.  Enjoy.

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