Thursday, March 19, 2015

Faucet Troubles Fixed

It's one of those things that sneaks into your field of vision.  At first you think nothing of it, but soon you can't deny it, something is not right.  As the dark enveloped our house last night the oddity struck my husband, definitely, something was not right.  No, nothing horribly concerning.  Just the kitchen faucet.  All of a sudden it seemed to be slow, as though the water pressure dropped. No other faucets were afflicted.  It was late, not urgent, something to push off until the sun was up.

Before sprinting off to school-drop offs and work matters, I snapped a photo or two of the lagging faucet with my Smart Phone.  Before going into my office, I popped into the early bird Ace Hardware at Hilldale. Unlike many stores, they open their doors at 8am -- thank you!  Inside I was directed to aisle 21 where a knowledgeable clerk met me in the plumbing section.  Aerator -- likely needs to be replaced.  That was his best guess, his recommendation of where to start.  Take it off and bring it in so we can get the size right.  Helpful, but not what I'd wanted to hear....yet another trip!

At home I turned to You Tube and learned that an aerator can be cleaned with vinegar and an old toothbrush.  Well I have that on hand!  Mix in a wrench and a dose of the blue-collar bravado of my youth, and there you'd find me fixing the faucet.  The cherry on top -- my daughter was assisting.  Challenging those horrible "females are helpless princesses" stereotypes that permeate society these days.  In under 20 minutes the faucet was running strongly, no need for another trip to Ace (thanks for the help), no need to pay a plumber, just some determination, research skills, and a little moxie.  Money saved, a surge of feeling good, and stretching existing material goods on an already strained Mother Earth.  Now that's a frugal Thursday!


  1. There should be of a Lego minifig of people like you and our 4 y/o daughter fixing the sink.

    1. Love the idea, but LEGO would likely find a way to reject it -- as they did with the set honoring female justices on the USSC. Or they'd give advice on what outfit is appropriate to wear when doing household repairs! Yes, I am still highly annoyed with the out-dated and old-fashioned, borderline sexist, policies of Lego.