Friday, March 6, 2015


Friday, and our home has now tossed 478 items overboard since the new year.  The bulk of this past weeks efforts centered around items I had inherited from my mom's home when she died last year.  Photos were removed from frames, and those frames set aside for auction.  Many, many items were recycled -- cards welcoming me to the world, clippings that meant something to my parents, but not so much to me, and various odds and ends.  It is a slow go, and surfaces many memories, not all that are pleasant.  But slowly, I am reclaiming my home office where all of these items were put during the chaos of a year ago.

As the temperatures warm here in Madison, my future efforts will focus on our garage as well as backyard shed -- first the ice pack needs to melt before I can swing open the doors on the shed.

Thanks for following us on our path to rid our home of 2,015 items in 2015.  Tips, suggestions, or words of encouragement are always welcome!

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