Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello Green!

Finally, March!  I know you'll be one of the longest months of the year. Teasing us with warmer days, offer bits of melt, only to throw us another 8-12 inches of snow followed by arctic temps.  But, this is the month of Spring, and sooner or later the snow will melt, grass will grow, and outdoor life with flourish once again.

This first Sunday of March followed normal routines.  Roast a chicken for a meal today and meals throughout the week.  Two soups, not just one on the stove, which will go along with the chicken, leftovers headed to the freezer for brown bag lunches.

Following the theme of green, frozen asparagus from the freezer inspired today's soup.  Refreshing, healthy, and a reminder that the sprouts of 2015 plants are just below the frozen surface, waiting patiently to rise and give us another round of local food from our own yard.

Enjoy your Sunday.  We are off to the sledding hill to burn off kid energy and get the parents to be more active.  Today marks the first day we do not have a gym membership in decades.  The aim, live more actively while being with our kids.  Let's see how it goes!


  1. Love the theme of green! And BTW, I'll take a March tease of warmer temps! Coming at us, next weekend! (I too, gave up my gym membership with the hope of keeping active in happier settings. It has worked, most of the time but not all of the time.I compromised by keeping one piece of equipment at home -- a used treadmill bought off of Craigslist, for those times when, for whatever reason, I just cant get out and about.)

    1. Nina -- I am counting on decent weather from now through December 2015....then I'll look for a used treadmill as well. Winter here can make it quite the challenge to get outside, especially when little ones are in the mix and not thrilled about frigid temps. Be well, and enjoy the "warm up"'s thinking about the weekend!