Monday, March 30, 2015

Interested in Frugal Travel? Keep It Short!

Texting with an aunt this evening about our safe arrival home from "Spring Break" she wrote "I thought you'd be gone longer!".  No, not us. Keep it short, keep it frugal is our motto.  In fact, here are three things we do to keep our travel in-line with our frugal ways.

  1. Keep it short.  Lodging is usually the most expensive part of our travel budget, so each night away drives up the cost.  Our most recent trip was for two nights. Sound dismal?  Because of this method our frugal family has been to Seattle, Tampa, and Minneapolis this past academic year.  Not too bad for a kindergarten and 4k brother and sister!
  2. Drive when possible.  If your location can be reached in 24 hours or less by car, AND you will need a car in that location, drive it.  Spring Break 2015 took our frugal family to Minneapolis / St. Paul -- for $40 in gasoline!  No cost for a car rental or other transportation costs.
  3. Focus on learning.  The bulk of our break was spent focused on art and education, most of which was free or low-cost activities. There were exceptions,but we found the free and low-cost to be the most fun and in sink with our values.
That is it for tonight.  As the week progresses I will fill you in more on our ways to save on lodging and food costs, details on a great free zoo in Minneapolis / St. Paul, and specific play-by-play on the art/education vs. mass consumer products of Spring Break 2015.

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