Saturday, March 7, 2015

Is Anything Safe in the 2015 Purge?

The conversation started at the breakfast table.  Round, petite, and becoming far too small for our family of four.  Discussing our de-cluttering methods for the year, we were happy that the dinning room table now has a consistently clear surface.  "Let's start eating meals out there!" I offer.  My husband agreed, but added, "the rug must go though."  Curious I asked "why, it protects the hardwood floors".  To which is pointed out milk and yogurt will settle there, no matter how hard we clean, decaying at our very feet.  The man hates detritus!  Off to work he went, and to Google I turned.

Rug or no rug under a dinning room table?  Most hits on Google were in favor of the rug.  Lots of discussion about how they pull a room together, add warmth, are gorgeous.  Sure, they need attention -- and if you have little kids, lots of attention.  Then I read one post -- the mother wrote, our kids are 15 and 13 and still messy eaters, I'd NEVER put a rug down there.  Just sweep it up every night, and be done with it.

Weighing the issues there was the mom with messy eaters, and the women (most were women) who loved their rugs, and I mean gushed about them.  Maybe they have more time than I do to scrub out yogurt stains.  Perhaps vacuuming is their preferred pastime.  Whatever it was, I lack it.  Out with the rug!

Later this week it will either be given to Travis, my contact over at Wise Owl Auctions or posted on Craigslist.  Shocking decision?  Yes, we have hardwoods, but they are well worn and I hate shopping for rugs.  This one is approaching 15 years of age and cannot be cleaned in my washing machine.  Adios.  The only question that lingers -- does this count as 1 point on  my 2015 effort to purge 2,015 items.  One, its a big rug!!!!

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