Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lawn Furniture From Used Toothpaste Containers!

Recently I was looking through the City of Madison's Recycling Guide On-line, and was pleased to learn I can drop off that large white styro-foam packing that comes in packages.  With the two air purifiers we ordered recently, we have a large bag full.  Sadly I learned we still cannot recycle the waxy cereal box liners.  But I did discover something I had only heard of maybe once, but not yet started: recycling used tooth brushes, toothpaste tubes and dental floss containers!  As you can see in this photo, dental hygiene is on our minds in our frugal home -- our oldest child lost his 1st tooth over the weekend!

Wanting to confirm what I had read on-line, I emailed the listed drop-off site and received this response about the used materials: "they are pelletized and then  made into other items for resale such as bath caddies and lawn furniture, just to name a couple."

Fantastic!  We now have a box in our home where we toss spent brushes and containers.  Once or twice a year I will mail them off to Artisan Dental, extending the use of the materials!  It is good for the Earth, makes me happy, and delays items from entering the landfills.

It is Spring Cleaning season -- what are your creative ways to give a second or third life to a product from your home or office?

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  1. Cereal liners work great to wrap food for the freezer.