Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Rituals - Walks and Cakes

This is what Spring looks like in the upper Midwest.  Disgusted? You wouldn't be if you lived here.  Theses mounds of frozen snow, dirt, and assorted windblown garbage are one of the first signs of Spring, arriving well before the red-breasted robin.  They'll melt, eventually, usually by mid-June.  For now Madisonians drive with their windows down, re-introduce themselves to running outdoors,and in my case -- walking more errands than during the months of arctic winds.

Today I parked the trusty Honda centrally so I could walk to the local grocery, head over to Target for the Pharmacy and a few tubs of the Target Brand of no-sugar added applesauce (the only brand our oldest will eat; yes, he can taste a difference), and then across the road to our credit union.  My inexpensive pedometer showed me the value of walking this simple errands, the steps added up!

And the weather blew in thoughts of Farmers' market season.  A quick Google search told me that my favorite west side market will return....April 18th!!!  Time to up my efforts to use up the food on hand, especially the items lurking in our chest freezer.  Stashed in the corner of our garage it is out of side, and sadly out of mind.  Today I begin to carry in what will fit to our fridge freezer, where I can glance, ponder, and add it to meal.

It was not from the freezer, but the cabinet, that I finally did something with the package of wild rice I bought last fall.  Turning to Betty Crocker, I whipped up a wild rice nut bunt cake.  The pan, on loan from a fellow foodie friend, was perfect -- heavy weight aluminum that is not lined.  On her recommendation I bought special "baking" spray, which as flour added. In went the ingredients, and let me just say Betty does not hold back:  2 cups brown sugar, 1.5 cups butter, butter milk!  Pulled from the oven last night, it cooled and waited the kids for breakfast. I figured, why not see if they'll eat a small slice with breakfast -- it does contain 2 cups of cooked wild rice.

Oldest child -- tried a bite, did not care of the rice, rejected;
Youngest child - looked at it, asked for her morning croissant;
Frugal mom -- ate a small slice and was overwhelmed -- wow Betty, too powerful, I'll pass;
Frugal husband -- liked it, but in very small amounts.

So, I'll be freezing some and passing some on to folks at the office.  This is one very rich, intense, I am not sure of the word,cake.  Before returning the bunt pan I hope to try another bunt cake -- it seems like a nice way to use up some of our frozen local fruits.  Suggestions welcome!

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