Thursday, March 5, 2015

When Passive Wins

The past twenty-four hours have consisted mainly of sleep.  Monday I received a booster to the chicken pox vaccine.  A disease I never managed to acquire as a child, despite numerous exposures.  I received a vaccine in my mid-twenties, and then earlier this week, a booster.  While thankful for not getting the dreaded chicken pox (as a person in her 40s that would be beyond harsh), my body did have a hard time with the shot.  An arm swelled, and swelled, the chills took over, and I took to bed. Passive is one way to describe my actions.  No food consumed, except some tea.  No vehicle used. No, just sleep.

On the mend I found myself scrolling through my Facebook Feed and an interesting article was included.  Retirement, and the fact most Americans will retire without enough.  The main point of the article -- investing in the market is expensive when you use "actively managed" funds.  Turns out "passively managed" funds, known as index funds will likely earn you more gain in the long run.  Having championed the use of index funds since merging my finances with my husband, I am happy they are employed in both our retirement and college savings.

Are you in the dark about active vs. passive in the are of IRAs, 401Ks, etc?  Start with this article, the one I found in my Facebook feed.  And then keep reading.  Investing is one thing, smart investing entirely another.

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