Monday, April 20, 2015

Celebrate Earth Day 2015!

Wednesday, April 22nd of this year marks Earth Day, how are you going to celebrate?  No sure what to do?  Here are a few suggestions from our frugal house -- all of them honor Mother Earth, plus help out your health and budget to some extent.

  1. Go on a trash pick-up.  Pick your favorite walking path, shoreline or city park.  Bring a two bags, one for recyclables in your area, the other for trash.  Gloves may be wise as well.  Bring along some friends and make a contest out of who can find the most bizarre item!  Perfect for kids or adults;
  2. Thrift Shop.  With mother's day, father's day, weddings, anniversaries and summer parties just around the corner challenge yourself to buy 2nd had gifts. Think garden pots (add some packs of seeds), frames you can fill with a photo, jars filled with scented Epson salts, be creative;
  3. Go vegan or at least vegetarian for 1 or all 3 meals of the day.  If it is damp and cold where you live, try this Greek stew we adore, Fasolia Gigandes;
  4. Plant flowers, veggies or even a tree in your yard or a pot on your patio; and
  5. Leave the car at home, use public transit, a bike, your feet, or try telecommuting for the day.
Those are just a few suggestions.  Need more ideas?  Look through past posts on this blog; the upside of frugal shows how a frugal path in life is good for your budget, your health and the planet.  Be well, and Happy Earth Day to all!

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